The Night He Saved Me by Sarah Stevens Book Review and Spotlight

13233134_1708008702792008_8232224242529894485_n THE NIGHT HE SAVED ME


One night. One party. One girl forever changed.
I was supposed to stay on the path I had chosen. Go to college and make something of myself. But doing it all alone wasn’t easy, and it seemed everyone was against me.

Except James. He was there to catch me when my world crumbled—cradling my emotions and wrapping me in his secure embrace. James was there when the entire world disappeared.


One glance. One undeniable connection. One life forever changed.
Keeping myself hidden from a legacy I wanted no part of, I lived a content life. Until her. She swept in, making me forget all the bad that haunted me. Now, the past I tried to run from has caught up, and I have more to lose than ever. She’s the target, and I’m the shield.
She thinks I saved her, but she’s the one who rescued me.
Two worlds. Two hearts. And a lifetime of trials.

***Mature themes that may be triggering for some readers.



Wow what a great book from a brand new author. There were so many twists and turns that when a part was revealed to me as a reader I was like WTF I never saw that coming. I loved how the author set the stage for each character she built them into three dimensional people. As a reader it was easy getting lost in the story and finding yourself yelling at some of the characters. The settings that author used were so descriptive you were able to visualize where the characters were at. From a readers aspect it seemed like the author was writing towns and places that they were familiar with makes the storyline more enjoyable. I love books that have a HEA. I’m looking forward to reading Bren’s story in the next book. I would highly recommend you giving this brand new author a chance I for one wasn’t disappointed.


Sarah Stevens is a New Adult Romance author.

Sarah started writing her first novel The Night He Saved Me two years ago in her free time while being a stay-at-home mom. Then one day, it started to flow, and she was writing “The End” in a matter of two months.

When she isn’t writing, she is enjoying the southern life with her husband, three kids, a Saint Bernard—who is still adjusting to the southern summers—and Carrots, the bunny. She can’t go a day without her coffee in the morning—and a few more cups during the day and her late nights writing.

She enjoys reading Contemporary or New Adult Romance and going to the pool or beach as much as she can. She loves all things Disney and collects Disney mugs to drink her beloved coffee in.