Arranged Trilogy Omnibus by Julia Crane Spotlight and Review

13254787_1012903075464194_3254423721425552339_o Arranged Trilogy Omnibus


Magick’s been restored on earth but it comes at a crippling price. With the planet on the brink of destruction, an unlikely pair must work together to try to bridge together a lifetime of hatred. Will their forbidden romance bring their worlds together or tear them apart?


Just when things start to look up for Mother Earth, the Faery realm is in chaos. Betrayed by their own kind, the Queen finds herself fighting for her crown while Princess Tulupea has to step up her role on Earth to hold the planet together.


Tulupea and Michael seize an opportunity to remain together, with the blessings of the higher realms. Her wildest dreams have come true – or so it seems. Just as Earth begins to thrive once more, a lurking darkness emerges with the intent of ending life forever.

Will good or evil prevail?

I’m not a big fan of books regarding the fae. But I am a great fan of Julia Crane and once again she wrote a story that disappoint this reader. What would you do if family obligations required you to do something major in your life for the betterment of others? This book grabbed me from page one till the very end now I need more in this series. There is so much more to this storyline than the fae. It’s takes many different creatures along with their magical abilities in order to restore Earth to being a flourishing planet due to the wars that occurred for decades because of magic. I highly recommend this book to any reader who loves Julia Cranes books or readers that are looking for another incredibly talented author. I can’t wait for the next installment. I received a copy in exchange for a honest and unbiased opinion.

I absolutely love this series. I was very hesitant to start reading this series because I really hate books on the fae. But because this was a author I am constantly stalking for new books I knew I must read because she never disappoints me. And low and behold I totally got sucked in and fell in love with it. I can’t wait for more. This is not your typical fae book it’s not glitter or sparkling fairys its a darker fae. I highly recommend this and every book Julia Crane has ever written she has a fantastic ability to bring the reader into her book world.

I am a reader who really doesn’t care for books on fae. But since Julia Crane is one of my favorite authors I knew I had to read it. Let me tell you this is such a fantastic story. It isn’t strictly fae, there are demons, humans, other supernatural creatures even jerks lol. (Aiston) I would highly recommend this series and any other series that Ms Crane has ever written. I can assure you that you will never be disappointed. I can’t wait to see what other book she comes up with next. I will always be a faithful reader of hers.


11043167_903408253053487_4726013250957468271_n ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Julia crane is the author of the Keegan’s Chronicles, IFICS. She has a bachelors degree in criminal justice. Julia has believed in magical creatures since the day her grandmother first told her an Irish tale. Growing up her mother greatly encouraged reading and using your imagination.