Midnight Outbreak by Brandy Jeffus Corona Spotlight and Review

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00015] Midnight Outbreak

The zombie plague began with the vampires…

Overnight, Josh Crown’s life turns upside down and he must fight to survive alongside a group of survivors he learns to call family.

The only certainty in life during the zombie apocalypse is death, even when you have an advantage.

**Not suitable for YA due to language and violence**

Review by Lisa Markson
5 Stars

I really enjoyed this book by this author. So different than the other genres she normally writes but I can tell you I was definitely not disappointed. I love vampires and zombies and to have both rolled into one book that’s a win win! I loved the twist on how zombies came about was getting tired of the same old books. I highly recommend you read this and any book from this author you wouldn’t be disappointed. I would love to see more types of books from this author. I received a copy in exchange for a honest and unbiased opinion.

brandy About the Author

Brandy Jeffus Corona has always been a writer, even before she could wield a pen. She would dictate her stories to her mom who would type them on a typewriter. Thus began Brandy’s love affair with the written word.

She is a wife and a mother to two awesome kids. Her best friend in the world is her mother. She’s a true Texan, loving the Cowboys even when they suck and uses the words ‘y’all’ and ‘fixin too’.

She reads more than she writes, volunteers at church, her children’s school and with Girl Scouts and sometimes she spends too much time on Facebook.






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