Stunned (The Lucidites #2) by Sarah Noffke Spotlight and Review

23597960 Stunned (The Lucidites #2)

Roya desperately wishes she was above ground, on a sunny patio, watching the lake lap up on the shore. Instead, she finds herself trapped with the Lucidites. Her brother is mysteriously wasting away, and at every turn she finds a new betrayal. Just when she thinks she’s finally escaping the Institute, a new danger unveils itself. A secret society of Dream Travelers has declared war on the Lucidites by abducting a head official. It’s up to Roya to figure out who’s behind it and how to save everyone she cares about most. More action packed than its predecessor, Stunned is captivating and will leave audiences squirming from the tension and also begging for more.

Review by Chelsea Ingham
5 Stars

Well it just keeps getting better and better. I seriously love this series. I cannot stop thinking about it, it’s keeping it up at night and I tend to just read instead of sleep so I finish faster.
Roya is such a strong character and I love everything about her. All the characters again compliment each other but to be fair I really like George more then Aiden. It annoys me every time Roya just lets Aiden do his thing but that is who she is and well just have to see how it plays out.
That cliff at the end man if I didn’t have the third waiting in my que to be read I would have thrown a fit. All the twists and turns this author comes up with fascinates me and keeps me questioning what is going to happen next.
The new evil in this book adds to the story as well. I really am looking forward to the next book and how Roya is going to get out of this as well as her reaction to that last words being told to her.
Joseph needs to get a handle over things too. He is driving me up the wall but I know how twins can be.
This book has emotions, adventure, humor, and all around a fantastic adventure. I highly recommend it. I received this in exchange for an honest review.

awokenauthor About the Author

Sarah Noffke is the author of The Lucidite Series. She’s been everything from a corporate manager to a hippie. Her taste for adventure has taken her all over the world. If you can’t find her at the gym, then she’s probably at the frozen yogurt shop. If you can’t find her there then she probably doesn’t want to be found. She is a self-proclaimed hermit, with spontaneous urges to socialize during full moons and when Mercury is in retrograde. Sarah lives in Southern California with her family.

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