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Dead men tell no tales…

For more than 200 years, the Treasure Pit on Oak Isle has baffled treasure hunters, engineers, and the common man alike. When Samantha Greene arrives, she finds her estranged father has spent years funneling energy and finances into the endeavor, finding nothing.

When an accidental death occurs in the pit, fulfilling the prophecy that seven lives must end before the treasure can be found, the search kicks into high gear, with more than one party vying for the secrets that lie below. Finding herself the closest to the treasure anyone has ever been, Samantha throws herself into the work, landing among the coveted prize. Just as she’s about to discover what’s truly hidden beneath the island, the pit begins to flood with ocean water, sweeping her away despite her attempts to swim to the surface.

Upon awaking, Samantha discovers that, not only did she not drown, but the year is 1695–one hundred years before the Treasure Pit was even discovered. Carried off by the pirate Tristan O’Rourke, a rouge Irishman with more than his share of secrets, she soon finds that there is much more than she realized in play. Will she discover the secrets of Oak Isle, or will an unexpected love keep her from finding out the truth? Will she ever make it back to her own time? Perhaps the real question is this; will she want to?

Review by Lisa Markson
5 Stars

“Kamery Solomon never disappoints a reader in her ability to tell a great story. She has proven she’s not a one trick pony and capable of writing across genres. Highly recommend reading any and all of her books.” The entertainment that she provides the reader is priceless. Regardless of the genre of the book she is able to provide us as a reader with countless hours of enjoyment. Thank you again Kamery Solomon for hitting this out of the park.

Review by Sue Brooks
5 Stars

WOW — Kamery Solomon has out done herself; this is her best book so far.

The main character of this book — Samantha — goes to visit her father (who was not a part of the majority of her childhood). Her late mother’s dying wish was for Samantha to visit her father. Samantha’s father is a treasure hunter who is spending his life and money on searching for the treasure pit on Oak Isle. While visiting her father, she too becomes addicted to this search. I don’t write spoilers – but, this has got to be one of the most amazing stories that I have read recently!!! It is a story that will pull you in and make it almost impossible for you to stop reading. And, when you reach the end of the book, you will wish for more!!!

Review by Holly Cooper
5 Stars

Ii was given a copy of this book for my honest review.
I give this book 5 stars. I loved everything about it. Kamery Solomon really knows how to build a beautiful and adventurers world for her readers. I was pulled in right away and I did not want to put the book down, nor did I want the story to end.the beginning was pretty emotional and I cried like crazy. This book was a emotional roller coaster through out the whole book. This was my first pirate book and I am excited to read another one. I don’t want to give any spoilers away. This book is a must read. You will never see some of the parts in this book coming. A few things were just a big shocker for me.

Review by Candice Handy
5 Stars

What an amazing adventure this book was. It really kept you on your toes while reading it. The story lane was interesting. But it threw some time travel,in there and some romance. Was a good mix of everything. Loved reading this book and will read it again. I recommend this book to everyone

kamery About the Author

Kamery is not the person who grew up dreaming of the day that she would clutch her very own novel to her chest, tears brimming over the rims of her eyes as she thought about how she’d written it herself, finally! In fact, anything remotely like that didn’t even happen until she was actually holding her first book in her hand, amazed that she’d written it and wondering how on Earth she’d managed to do it when it hadn’t ever occurred to her to write one until months before. Surprisingly, though, it was just what she never realized she loved doing.

When starting out in life, Kamery had (and still has) big dreams to perform on Broadway. She loves music and acting very much, while she and dance have a love/hate relationship; she would love to do it and every form of dance decides it hates that about her, haha! The one constant she always had between the performing world and the book world were the stories, tales that transported her to other worlds and made her feel like she really could do anything. Finally, she decided she wanted to do that for someone else and sat down to write.

It’s been a few years since she held that first book, realizing that she really liked writing and wanted to do more, but the love that blossomed in that moment has only grown. Currently, Kamery works from home in the White Mountains of Arizona, while taking care of her two adorable kids, a girl and a boy, and talking her sweet husband Jake’s ear off about the insane amount of characters in her head who are ready to fight to the death for a chance at their own novels. She also gets together with other authors in the family and they all gab together, making up The Royal Court of the Queens of Romance. It truly is a wonderful life!

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